Posted by: randommisfires | June 21, 2010

It Begins

Day one:

We got up for breakfast.

I signed and notarized divorce papers.

We went to the beach.

We returned to the hotel.

Nothing earth shattering. Nothing exciting. And yet. . . this is the start. We are here, 300 miles into a journey of unknown length. I am both excited and frightened, elated and overwhelmed.

The van is loaded to the utmost and we have no idea how much of it we’ll need.  There are 5 teenagers in my car, any one of which is having an identity crisis at any moment.  There are egos to massage, mine included.  And on the night of June 23, I have no idea where we’ll be sleeping. A hotel ? A campground? The van?

Everything is packed wrong. The things we need daily ended up on top of the van. Things we haven’t touched yet are inside. The temptation to throw things out and travel lighter is overwhelming.

But the kids are excited. They’re ready for their adventure to start. Any minute now. When I’m done running the errands I didn’t finish last week.

I’ll be setting up a new blog for all of us to post to. Each passenger will have their own page to post anything they want. Highlights, lowlights, frustrations, discoveries.  Please join us on our journey.



  1. Thrilled for you guys!! Sounds like a great way to commemorate the signing of those papers.

    Happy travels!

  2. Have a great time, all of you!

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