Posted by: randommisfires | April 1, 2010

America’s Notso Best Value

On the way home from Vegas, we realized we needed an extra night in the SD area for Orthodontist appointments the next day.  So, we started searching the internet for a motel.

We’re not terribly picky and we don’t need a ton of luxury.  After spending money in Vegas, we did need a cheap place where no one had to sleep on the floor.  And we thought we had found it in America’s Best Value Inn.


The room had 2 double beds and a fold out couch. Perfect. It was only $65 per night. Perfect. Logged in, booked it with the card, drove to it.

When we got there, they informed us that they charge $10 for every guest after 2.  Which made our $65 room the same price as the room we stayed in far more comfortably in Vegas.  A cheap room verses a decent room for the same price? Yeah.  I’m just fine staying in the Springhill Suites wherever Marriott has a property.



  1. Is that because they presume more people are going to cause more of a mess so it will take longer to clean up? I don’t see another reason why they would charge for additional guests.


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