Posted by: randommisfires | January 18, 2010


If it’s OK with everyone, I’m just going to hyperventilate a bit here.  Nothing major, just 10 days of needing childcare and not having a a home for my kids to receive care in.

Got a call from the Realtor today.  Our move out date is Feb 22.  This is fine, except from March 5-15, I’m in San Francisco for business meetings and a convention.

Yes, I could take the kids with me, but I really don’t think I’m going to manage the shuffle of kids, bosses and clients.  It’s an already busy stressful week every year, and adding on the children just makes me want to sit in a corner and rock my head against a wall.

Time to start some serious brainstorming.



  1. You could send a few my way–I’m already homeschooling, so it would just be “grab a book and join us!” Not to mention “grab that mop and go to work” afterwords, LOL!
    (But seriously, I mean it. If you don’t mind shipping them to me via airplane, I’ve got a guest room with its own bathroom and a queen-sized bed, and another empty bedroom upstairs where we can throw a cot or two. You know I’m from a huge family, so this 4,000 square feet feels cavernously empty to me!)

  2. Can I have better friends?
    I’m not opposed to flying them out. And beware, because you’re totally in the running now!

    (and they’re great at mopping for someone else. Just not for me)

  3. Hey, I’m all for it–seriously. You earned free childcare from me over a decade ago when you got me a job, a date, and a place to live back in college! Oh yeah–and the time you totally helped me out after I found out dad was dying, which earned you more than just childcare. I’ll have to really spoil your kids to make up for your kindness over the years! 🙂

    • Now stop. You know you don’t owe me a thing. Except for information on Cade. What happened to him again? 🙂

      • He’s on Facebook . . . profile pic of two little boys last time I checked. Last I talked to him, he was working for Boeing in SoCal, but that was back in ’01 I think, and he mentioned going back to school some day, so who knows where he is now

  4. My cousin has a B&B basement in Upper Haight (sp?). It’d sleep everyone if you brought a sleeping bag or two. Not sure what to do regarding childcare, but it is in walking distance of Golden Gate Park, which is cool.

    • I think I’m going to drive them to my mom’s in Utah. But, Ww would love to work out a stay within walking distance of Golden Gate Park at a different time! Can I get his/her email to find out the costs and work out the details?

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