Posted by: randommisfires | January 17, 2010

A Grand Adventure

Hello Everyone-

It has indeed been quite a while since I blogged last.  In fact, my first foray into blogging was entirely an exercise in distracting myself by entertaining you guys as much as possible.  But much has changed in the last year, and although I hope to continue to entertain you, I’m also starting a new adventure that I want to document along with my kids.

We find ourselves in a unique position to be virtually free of all constraints for the next few months. Or as long as we choose.  We homeschool, so the kids are able to learn anywhere, not just in one location. I work from home as well, and much of my business can be conducted via cell phone and laptop. So I am also portable.

We are finishing up the divorce and have returned the house to the bank since I won’t be able to afford it, so I have no constraints on location of where to live, other than ultimately being close to where Dad lives so the kids can continue to develop their relationships with him.

And with all of this combined, we are in a position to see the United States and hopefully foreign countries.  I will be able to teach the kids about history by giving them the gift of seeing historical places, and learning from experts across the nation.

But I need your help.

We’ll be living out of our van, with camping gear.  There will be nights we stay at hotels or areas where we rent homes.  But we’d also like to see your neck of the woods.  We’d like to get to know the places you love in your towns and cities. So, if you’re willing to put us up for a few nights, (and we know a family of 6 can be a bit much!), in return we’d love to come cook dinner and do some household tasks for you.  If you don’t feel like you want us in your home, we’d love recommendations for where to stay in your area and what to see.

And if anyone gets the bug and wants to go on our adventure with us, we’d love to do that too.

It’s a little scary to me to think of not having a physical home any more, but since this chance rarely comes up, I’m going to shake off the fear and go for it, knowing we’re never more than a week’s drive from San Diego.If we get desperate.



  1. Sorry to hear that you’re going through a rough time but glad you’re venturing ahead this way. We would love to have you come stay with us. We have plenty of room be it small. you could stay in Shane’s room, the girls could stay in with Emily, with one on a cushy fold out foam chair, and the boys could stay in TJ’s two beds and TJ & Evan could make up something with the couch in the family room TJ said. Nebraska doesn’t have much to offer but it does have the Historical things out west like Chimney Rock Site and Minden Ne. Strategic Air Command & Space Museum, Henry Doorly Zoo, one of the top Zoo’s in the country, close to us just outside Omaha and Arbor (Day origin) Historical Park, south. There is also the Durham Western Heritage Museum in Omaha, Flannagan’s original Boys Town, where it all started, just a few miles from us. I have custody of my nephew Shane and he lives in Boys Town now. Fremont where we live is also part of the original Lincoln Hwy, (America’s first transcontinental highway from NY to San Fran, with terminal cities still connected by a single highway ). My husband said winter might be over by March and the 5 feet of snow should be all melted. There are some other sites but they don’t open till after Memorial Day, like Agates Fossil Beds out west and Ashfall Fossil Beds north of us an ongoing dig with mamoths. You used to be able to actually dig some yourself but I thnk it might have been stopped with lack of funding. Well I’ve babbled enough, we just wanted you to really think about stopping here. Take Care
    Pam Fryklind

  2. Well Good Luck … I am actully getting married in March and wanted to send you an announcement. I have Dave’s address if you are off on your adventure I’ll just forward an announement to him at this time.
    I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure and hope that you find fun and success along the way. Cathie

  3. You are living Aaron’s dream! You and the kids are of course welcome to come stay with us. We love your company as well as your cooking. We have been trying to get you to come by, but didn’t know it would involve camping gear. One summer we went without an apartment. We camped near Santa Barbara and up in the Red Woods. (I refused to drive through Baja – Something about taking a baby down through the drug violence was not appealing to me.) So, let us know or just show up:)

    Cari and Aaron

  4. I had no idea you were divorcing–I’m so sorry. I’ll have you know that I totally expect you to come by our place in VA, and we’d love to take you around the amazing historical sites here. I’d love to meet your beautiful children, since I only ever met baby Rebi! 🙂 When you’re done, check out a home in the quiet Idaho countryside, since mine is still for sale, and going SUPER cheap!

  5. Well if you decide to get out to the DC area I’d be more than happy to show you around/point you in the right direction! If there’s anything we have, it’s history! I guess it’s kind of random to get an offer from someone on the internet but I like the idea of helping someone with their adventure 🙂

    • We’d love help in the DC area. It’s certainly on our list of must see!

  6. To everyone else:
    Thank you for your generous offers. We’ll be taking you up on them. It’s going to be as much fun reconnecting with friends as it is seeing the US!

    I’m feeling pretty lucky.

  7. I just found your blog and am sorry to hear about your divorce, but think your upcoming travels sound exciting! We have been traveling quite a bit the past few years – though just a few days here and there. I’d be happy to share any ideas we have from places we’ve been. And, if you get to the Houston area, I can offer you coupons to museums, ideas of places to go, etc.

    Good luck and I’ll be following your travels!

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