Posted by: randommisfires | March 15, 2009

A Night Out

For Dave’s birthday, I got him tickets to see Rent.  Because what man objects to show tickets as a birthday gift?  He’s in touch with his feminine side.  He even held my purse while I shopped in the “intimates” dept yesterday.  Sure. he twittered about it like it was the world’s worst punishment, but I secretly know I could have made it worse by also asking him to carry the bras all through the store once Iwas done picking them out. I’m just saying.

Anyway, so we went to Rent last night.  And we left the house a little early and had dinner and everything.  Almost as if we didn’t have kids, excpet I made the mistake of leaving the cell phone on.

6:00 T: Mom, can I  play the computer?

Me:  Ask R, she’s babysitting.

6:02 R: What did you want us to do for dinner?

Me: Eat something?  Order pizza?  I don’t really care.

6:19 (text from L) is it alright if me and (friend) go to our house?

Me (text back): I’d rather not, as there are no adults there.

L: No adults at her house either and we’re already here.

6:30 R: I can’t remember the password to order pizza online

7:15 T (crying): I have a super really bad awful headache and I took ibuprofen and it won’t go away.

Me: Take 1/2 of the red excedrine and a melatonin and go to bed.  Put a pillow over your face and try to sleep.

T (whimpers): Ok, but I already tried the pillow on my eyes and it really hurts!

I spoke to R at this point and again, hung up the phone.  They knew I was headed into the show and would not be able to talk, so they opted for texting again.

9:04 T: headache all better

9:08 T: it’s all good

9:18 T: mum? Do you need us to go to bed tonight?

Me: Well, I would prefer it. . .

10:37 T: When?  11?  I think R (and her friend) insist on at least that time.  Maybe we’ll stay up until you get home.

Me: No, go get some sleep so your headache doesn’t come back.

10:38 L: Is that directed at me or N and T?

10:30 T: (from Dave’s old cell phone) Hey mum, T is going to text from this phone.

10:56 T: Is you almost home?

10:59 T: Hey mom iz T again

11:01 T: iz u alive?

Nearly as relaxing as an evening before we had kids, no?

But Rent was fabulous.  Very well done and as poignant as ever.


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