Posted by: randommisfires | March 3, 2009

Not that you care

For those of you that are into the whole food storage thing, I just wanted to share.

For our house, 15 bottles of  ketchup is not a year’s supply. It will only last 8-ish months

One bottle of mustard is forever.

Does mustard go bad?  Should I check the date on that?



  1. no, you’re good but a little yuck on the ketchup consumption.

  2. Totally agree. They told me we were out of ketchup today and I nearly died. According to my estimates, there should be 6 bottles out there still. Are they drinking it? YUCK!!

  3. Our family consumes peanut butter like that. I actually had to make a special mid-week trip to the grocery store today to buy one of those huge tubs because there was no way my family was holding out until Friday.

  4. I am some kind of sick mustard addict right now (probably the cravings), so I would have to say that in our house the stat would be just the opposite. I discovered an awesome homemade pretzel recipe and I have been eating those with mustard all over them. YUM-O! Now the thought of ketchup…not so interested. Hope you don’t mind my rambling!

  5. When thinking of emergency food storage with all the bland foods that might be had in that situation, I would think the more ketchup and mustard the better.

    Don’t under-value mustard…it could be your undoing!

  6. Mmmm. Peanut butter.

  7. we don’t have any in our food storage.
    we should…considering whenever we run out we go across the street and take theirs. i wonder how many bottles we owe them????

  8. Mmmm. Ketchup

  9. For food storage, I am stocking up on hot sauce. It will cover the taste of a lot of bland food!

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