Posted by: randommisfires | February 26, 2009

Opinion, Please

Sorry to be gone so long.  Busy trying to do anything to keep my head above water.  And it’s both good news and bad news to be this busy right now.

But, there is light at the end.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and ask an opinion.

I recently saw an exchange between an older man (40+) and an young girl (15 0r 16), on Facebook where he called her a “devilish imp”.

And it didn’t sit well with me.  Not that I think there’s an immediate danger or anything,  just that it seems too casual or affectionate or personal or something, coming from a non-related adult male to a teenage girl.

So, please share your opinion.  And thank you!



  1. I’m a 40+ male, and I wouldn’t use that term. Not because it’s religious, but because it is mildly creepy as you already surmised.

    I also don’t think I’d have a 15 year old girl as a facebook friend.

    Myself, I never much understood grown men who befriended young girls. Having talked to teenage girls, I have exactly no common ground at all with ’em. I’m mildly amused by my now-seven-year-old’s adventures with her BFF’s, but I don’t wanna get involved with it. Her relationships are her own and my job is to just bail her out if she has trouble like the temper-trouble she had a few months ago.

  2. Not knowing anything about either of the two folks involved I’d say that in general, that’d be a rather casual, familiar thing for an “older” man to say to a “younger” girl, and I’d be wary.

    But maybe he calls everyone a “devlish imp,” and it’s no big deal. Or maybe it’s a quote from a movie that they both happen to enjoy. But I’d still recommend parental scrutiny.

  3. I’m also on the side of a little creepy. But agree with Brig that maybe there’s more to the story that explains the remark.

    My sweet husband in his attempt to be “cool” while serving breakfast to my 13-year-old daughter and one of her best friends who practically lives at our house said “Can I get you some pancakes, babe?” (Says the same thing to me and to my daughter.) I had to pull him aside after and let him know that while it’s okay to refer to me or our daughter with his affectionate term, not okay to refer to the neighbor, no matter how familiar we are with each other. Creeps the teenagers out.

    So “devilish imp man” could be chalked up to a “trying really hard dad” gaffe.

    P.S. Missed you!

  4. I’d say that comment would freak me out a little too … and deserves some adult investigation and intervention. Maybe the man does not realize that is an odd comment but it’s odd.

  5. I agree with you. Seems a little creepy.

  6. Hey, I’m not over 40!

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