Posted by: randommisfires | February 10, 2009


I’m sitting in the college library- again.  Yes, it’s my home away from home.

It’s been a brutal week as far as weather goes, and I am behind. Yes, as always.

So I put the headphones in, cranked the ipod, opened the laptop and started working.  I am trying to fix my email issues, answer email, take care of 2 things for home school, work out a meeting time with our facilitator, fill out several forms for work, double check some accounting, watching the US stock market collapse after Geithner’s plan gets revealed, texting a neighbor who wants to learn to drive stick shift, and ordering tickets for a play.

And suddenly I realize, the same song has been playing over and over and over on repeat for the last 90 minutes.



  1. Way to get in the zone!

  2. Ha! That’s great. . . .Jacob always asks me how I can totally block out the kids’ screams and gabber. .. it’s a special gift called motherhood.

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