Posted by: randommisfires | February 5, 2009

California needs to pass a budget

Seriously.  I’m not sure I can keep this up until March, and I’ve already cheated and picked up pizza one night because the killer baseball schedule threw me off and dinner wasn’t ready. It was Little Cesar’s.  I only spent $10.78 and it was dinner and lunch the next day.

Speaking of which, I totally forgot to put the pork in the crock pot before we left for school this morning.  Sigh.

Anyway. . .

A few questions:

1) If I purchase used baseball cleats and pants, does that count as cheating?  It’s an expedniture, but it’s not a new product while perfectly good used ones go to waste.

2) Does anyone but me actually care if I spend money before March or not?



  1. The whole “don’t spend money on anything under any circumstance” is just an artificial limitation you’ve placed on yourself. As you’ve already admitted, it’s not a practical limitation because you’re spending plenty of money this month. Just look for frugal solutions to your problems, avoid unnecessary expenditures, and give all the “necessary” expenditures a closer look as to whether they’re really necessary.

    In other words, buy the damn shoes. Secondhand is perfect, especially for kids’ cleats because kids outgrow ’em before they wear them out.

  2. I’m controlling spending in the areas I have control of. Dave pays all of the other stuff, so I left those decisions up to him.

    As far as the methodology goes, I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, and I find that I totally change my perspective when I have strict guidelines in place.

  3. Well, if you’re all or nothing, you’ve already blown it so go ahead and spend.

    Do you think California is not spending simply because they are broke? They are for sure eating fancy dinners and buying new, unnecessary stuff.

    I know how it is when there’s no time for a home-made dinner. Stop the suffering, woman!

  4. If you add up all your absolutely necessary expenses for a month (or year), and then divide by the number of days, it’s amazing what it costs to live for a day. Life is expensive. Maybe more of us should follow the example of the guy in the Bay Area about 10 years ago who lived in a tent and showered at the YMCA. He had a laptop, which he charged at work. It reminds me of a commercial for cable service, that said “With the economy as it is, it may be more important than ever to stay home and watch TV.” But even that costs money!!

  5. You can’t spend any money until Feb 18 since that’s the day I have in the pool…um.. I mean… hold off, you can make it! (atleastuntilthe18th) 😉

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