Posted by: randommisfires | February 4, 2009

The Baseball Schedule was Totally Thought up By a Man

Our little town has two baseball leagues, Little League and Pony.  Because in So Cal, every kids is going to the majors.

And, even though the entire nation is in recession and homes are still foreclosing left and right in our neighborhood, a record number of kids signed up to play Pony league.  To the tune of 1400.  Which is almost 2% of our total population.  How is that even possible?  Clearly, if you don’t play baseball around here, you’re a nobody.

But my two boys are somebodies.  And when you combine Pony league with Little league, that’s a LOT of somebodies trying to fit on practice fields and hold games every week.  A lot.  So Pony league did the only smart thing they could and left registration open after the drop dead date.  Because in a recession, you can never grab too much of the community’s money before the government sucks it out to the black hole that is the treasury.

With a record number of players, we have to be creative about field distribution.  The female solution would be to rotate on a monthly schedule.  The male solution is to rotate weekly.  Even before games start, the teams practice on different fields, at different times, on different days each week.  I’m not saying different from each other.  I’m saying that this week  T practiced on Monday and Saturday.  Next week, it will be Tuesday and Thursday. And N practices Tues and Fri, right during the time I have to drive other kids to piano and dance.

And some of the fields are 20+ minutes away. If they had told me this up front, I NEVER would have signed them up.  If you ask me, it is not a good idea to pay for the privilege of going nuts.  Clearly, I am already talented at driving myself insane for FREE.

But nobody ever asks me!!!!



  1. Pony?!?

  2. Did they make up charts and everything? That would be a totally guy thing to do. I hope you have a large color coded calendar and reminder alarm.

    I would have thought the extra-circular would lighten up too, but our gymnastics place is doing well. But then, most of this town is military and they aren’t losing their jobs.

  3. Christina, you know it’s an excel spreadsheet, color coded by division. I have to enter every single practice into my phone with a 1 hour and a 30 minute reminder. UGH.

    I suspect the stable jobs has a lot to do with it. For us, I think most people paid their money months ago, so they see no reason to cancel. I’ll be interested to see what happens with fall ball and again with spring next year.

    Good time to be military, eh?

  4. Pray for rain. We had 5 practices cancelled this weekend!

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