Posted by: randommisfires | February 3, 2009

I Am a Good Person!

I am!  I swear!  Except that when I logged onto the blog today, I noticed that people found me by googling the term, “Parents who cheated by building the Pinewood Derby Car”  And I wonder if the cub master was trolling for my confession so he can come over and rescind the trophy.  Or maybe the Council enforcers caught wind and I will be banned from Pinewood Derby for life.  Or better yet, banned from scouts for life. (Don’t throw me in the brier patch, massah!  Not there!) (And if you don’t get that reference, you’re probably too young.  Shut up.)

In and of itself, that would not have been enough to make me question if I’m a good person or not.  All parents are forced to cheat to put their kids in first at some point.  I can live with the Pinewood derby.

Rather, I have to convince myself I’m a good person because not only am I willing to pay for a 1st place, I also laugh at blind people. OK, blind person, but still!  Who laughs at blind person?

I was leaving the school library today, and I was a little past cranky from lack of food or server access.  I probably had a giant scowl on my face from the 20 minute wait for the elevator, and was walking through the sliding doors to freedom when the poor guy tripped.  It was no ordinary trip, but more of a launch. I still have no idea what he tripped on, but the height his legs reached was equaled only by the flight I took when I slipped on water during a massive multi-apartment water fight in college.  Serious air.

And watching people eat it always brings joy and horror to my face in equal measures.

Then, I saw the white cane with the red tip splayed out beside him and I felt about a centimeter high for grinning at his disaster.  Until I remembered he’s BLIND!  He can’t see me grinning!

It was all I could do to keep from whistling all the way to the car.



  1. My Dad always read us stories from Uncle Remus — he could do the best voices too!

  2. I laugh at things most people take seriously (like a blind person tripping) and some times the laughing gets me in trouble. I think it’s good to find humor in life…there is nothing wrong with you.

    On the other hand, you may have deep-seeded, subconscious anti-social tendencies that have lead to the destruction of your moral center.

  3. People only google “parents who cheat building their childs car” because googling “kids who build their own pinewood derby car” would bring up zero results. Seriously, all pinewood derby cars are built by the parent with the child looking on. Aren’t they?

    I’ve begged to be thrown in the same brier patch. And I still have two boys who haven’t even entered scouts yet!

  4. I’m still laughing at how you looked as you caught air before landing in our apartment entrance. I mean it. I am laughing right now. But I’m drawing the line there. No more laughing at the unfortunate…

  5. Lis you are too funny! You should write for a living, you would do really well. I’m not kidding!

  6. If they would have looked up “Kids who built their own pinewood derby car and still won first place” there would be zero hits, too.

    And I got the brer rabbit reference.

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