Posted by: randommisfires | January 31, 2009

Forced Poverty- Almost a Week

Which is exactly the time it takes for one to realize that this not buying anything is not quite as fun as it seems when you romanticize it.

That might have something to do with the 2 batches of bread I meesed up today. Note to self:  This is not the time to try out new bread recipes.

And I have had a couple of work-related issues that must absolutely completely and entirely be resolved no later than yesterday.  But since I’m waiting on other people for the resolutions, I have to content myself with fretting.  And fretting is much easier on a full stomach and I’m craving a club sandwich with avocado from a local fast food place, and since I’m waiting anyway, I could just run over there, you know get out of the house for a minute, take a break, clear my head, ignore my offspring. . . Except oh yeah, this not eating out was going to be so awesome!

And WHY does the gasoline pump have to taunt me with visions of ice cold coke?  Is that really necessary?

On the upside, we did score a DVD player off of Freecycle, so no dillema there.The can opener is still a novelty that they all beg to use.  And most importantly, assigned dinner nights have worked exceptionally well, with dinner being served before 7pm every night this week.  And other than bread and fresh fruit and veggies, we have plenty of food.  I think even the milk will hold out another week at least, maybe two.

And there’s always ingredients for muffins!



  1. Shelly’s got the whole homemade bread thing down. Email her for instructions. Takes about five minutes, and it’s really great. Really.

  2. I totally will.

    I make bread a lot, I just decided to try out a new recipe and I’m not a fan of it. I also didn’t have all of the ingredients and substituted a few things, which might be the problem.

  3. The great thing about blogs is being able to record our “great ideas” such as forced poverty. I imagine it will be that much more fun at family reunions in 20 years when our kids say “remember when Mom got on her ‘forced poverty’ kick for like 2 years!” And then we can get out the blog book (because I’m sure someday Blurb will get it figured out again) and prove that it was really only a few weeks, not a few years. Too bad my mom doesn’t have one of those because I swear we ate spaghetti or potatoes every meal for a few years and I’d really like to see just how long it really was.

  4. I may give up buying just about every unnecessary thing for a while, but I think an occasional fix from the dollar menu at a fast food joint is a must. After all, a person has to live a little.

  5. So Angela, what you’re saying is that everyone thinks I’m a crack pot, right?

    Yeah, nothing new there! 🙂

  6. As a mom I see right where you’re coming from so I don’t think you’re a crack pot, but your kids might!!! Just like my kids think I’m ridiculous that I don’t buy white bread or white rice or any “good snacks.” (Oh I buy the good snacks all right…I just eat them before I get home!!)

    We’re moms — it’s our prerogative to try these fun little experiments all in the name of raising a whole gaggle of future adults to be adapted to whatever the world holds for them. I think we’re all crack-pots half the time! (Those of us that are interesting, at least!!) 🙂

  7. We’ve gone about six weeks without leaving the house before, and I think the key is having enough frozen food to supplement the canned/ dried food. But then again, I just have to worry about my mother and myself, and most of her calories come from Ensure (which arrives via UPS from Amazon). It’s a different story of you have a house full of kids who are used to a more varied menu.

  8. We had a little forced poverty of our own this last week as the ice storm that arded Kentucky made going out really, really hard. We made it until Thursday and then risked life and limb to make a trip to Chipotle for dinner and Meijer for cereal.

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