Posted by: randommisfires | January 27, 2009

A Joke

N: What’s the difference between a garden slug and a 2 inch long live booger?

Me: Nothing.

N:  But if it comes out of your nose, you should be worried!

Also, a recent conversation:

N: Mom!  I had the worst bad dream last night!

Me: You did?  What was it about?

N: Ok, there were all of these pencil monsters and they were just lines all scribbled with pencils and then I had Eraser monsters that could erase them.  And THEN, an Eraser monster tried to erase ME!  And I couldn’t get away, so I locked that Eraser monster in the closet and I used the pencil monster and drew lots of Eraser monsters that would fight on my side and then I let that bad one out of the closet and my monsters ERASED him.

And then there were these triangle monsters that were just straight lines all over. . .

. . . . It just goes to prove that he has a pathological fear of writing.



  1. I just read that joke in Calvin and Hobbes 😛

  2. Shut up! Did he get the Eraser Monsters from there too? Little punk!

  3. Didn’t he tell stories about eraser monsters several years ago?

  4. There were color monsters. Red and green and blue- very similar in the scribbled concept. Good memory.

  5. No Calvin never had eraser monsters but he definitely told that joke to Susie over lunch in one strip

  6. Although I’ve never met him in person, your N is about the closest thing to Calvin of Calvin & Hobbs that I’ve heard about in real life. I used to love reading those comics.

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