Posted by: randommisfires | January 26, 2009

Forced Poverty Day 1

We’re off to a rough start.  Part of the plan here is to live off of the food we’ve been storing and see just how that goes.  Stored food is often stored in cans.  Last night, I broke the electric can opener.  Sighing mightily, I went to the garage and dug up the hand can opener, only to realize that the one we have barely works.  In fact, I would have to say doesn’t work.

I had Dave come in and put additional muscle behind it, only to realize that the handles weren’t solid.  And once you’ve snapped a handle in half, it’s just another item for the trash can.  So, we’re down to a ghetto can opener which is killer on the arthritis in my hands.  At least I know the kids will be able to open a can after a month of this!

Feeling a little beat up, we sat down to watch a movie, only to realize that our DVD player is having an identity crisis and the xbox has the red ring of death and cannot be used.  The kids immediately started begging me to get a new DVD player.  Considering we do have educational DVD’s for a couple of subjects including math, I may have no choice but to break down and buy one.  Although it won’t kill us to hook a laptop to the TV on occasion (when they aren’t being used for work) or skip movie viewing entirely for a month.

I’ll put a notice up on Freecycle first and see what turns up.

The next thing to give out will be the caffeinated beverages.  That could also be a problem, considering the blinding headache factor of removing caffeine from one’s system.  I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to the migraines.

Otherwise, I think we would be fine for several months on food we like and are used to.  And for those of you that follow me on facebook, we can have muffins until the eggs run out!



  1. For all the social win the 360 has over the PS3, at least I never have to worry about my console going belly-up on me. Not as much, anyways

  2. Good luck with the caffeine withdrawl…I am on day 28 and am finally over the puke-inducing headaches. I’m sticking with that old adage about 30 days to learn a habit…two more to go. Good luck!

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