Posted by: randommisfires | January 23, 2009

All Grown Up

No, I am not referring to me.  I am most certainly not all grown up, as anyone can tell you.

It’s R.  She’s the one that’s all grown up.  And I don’t like how it makes me feel.

Today is day 3 of second semester at community college.  Which makes it the third day she has hopped out of the car, and quite cheerfully sped off to class.  She is officially acclimated to her radical 5+ grade acceleration.  I knew it would happen, and after the joy she found at college last semester, I felt relief.  But there is something about her not hanging back and walking the first bit with me that makes me painfully aware of her independence.

Maudlin, I know.  Sorry.

Overall, I am totally thrilled.  Not with driving her 4 days a week, and not with her being 14 and on campus, but with her happiness.  A month off of college was too long.  She was ready to go back.  She gets done with classes and hops back in the car and proceeds to tell me how much she loves it here.  Every single day.

It’s totally worth it.

But can I help it if I want to hand on to her just a little longer?

Hopefully she’ll be snotty over the weekend.  That will adjust my attitude pretty fast.



  1. Don’t worry–at least you’re in Cali! Here at BYU-I, she’d be fielding marriage proposals, instead!

  2. Oh, I hate to see her grow up so fast, but, under the circumstances, I am really glad she has adjusted to college.

    She is still a teenage, so I am sure she will get in a bit of snottiness. After all, she has a couple of other siblings who are in the teenage mode to help bring out her snotty side.

  3. I’m suggesting that you leave before I get snooty.




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