Posted by: randommisfires | January 15, 2009

Nothing to say

This is indeed a post about pretty much nothing.  I’m just sitting here, after 11pm again, working.  And it’s mostly all the same stuff I was doing last night and the night before and the night before that, ad infinitum.  After almost 6 years of the same stuff, it gets tiresome.  Never boring, but tedious.  Which is a total kiss of death for me, because then I think of every single reason why the tedious stuff doesn’t need to get done and I have to make lists and devise rewards and play games with myself to get everything done that has to get done.

See how well I’m avoiding tasks?  See how stupidly I just shot myself in the foot for ever getting to sleep tonight?

What about you?  When you have things to do and you really really really don’t want to do them, how do you get yourself in the groove and get them done?  Did that sentence make sense?

What helps you follow through?



  1. Fear of having to do them the next day. That’s pretty much what gets me going.

    Like the dishes…I load the dishwasher before bed because I’m afraid I will be depressed if I wake up to a job to do, right off the bat.

    So fear is a motivator. You need more fear in your life. Become an anxiety case and you might get a lot done.

  2. It’s not fool-proof (I am the Queen of Procrastination), but when there is something I need to do that I am resisting, I just tell my body to take over. It knows how to wash dishes and fold laundry and exercise and change the cat litter….so if I just tell my body to do it, it gets up and gets things done. My mind eventually gets there. =)

  3. I go to bed and do it in the morning!

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