Posted by: randommisfires | December 14, 2008

Column A, Row 1

I just used an excel spreadsheet to figure out the details of Christmas for the kids.  A spreadsheet.

This is what 5 kids does to you.  It forces you to rely on a computer because your brain has leaked out both ears.

Sadly, I’m not as close to done as I thought I was.  Even worse, most of what they are getting is singularly unexciting.



  1. Are shoes, socks, underwear, slips, church clothes and books on your list of unexciting? If so I might be in trouble……

  2. Will my gifts for them help?

  3. And Adara now knows everything she’s getting for Christmas. See? Unexciting.

  4. Mom, I don’t know. I haven’t gotten that far yet! You might just make Christmas! 🙂

  5. You may already do this, but you might give them each $20 to go by food and take it to the local food bank. That way it’s one amount /5 .

  6. oh yeah–I am *so* doing this next year! I mess up the stuffers every year, ’cause I buy somehing early, forget who it isfor, then give it to the wrong kid!

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