Posted by: randommisfires | December 9, 2008

Counting the costs

Every time I leave home, I can count on a phone call or two.  And that’s fine, because I have them trained to call me if they need me.  Always accessible, even when I’m an hour from home.

Honestly, I mostly like it because usually when my cell phone rings, it’s N trying to solve any number of weird and random problems in his brain. I’m not often much help to him since he exists on a planet with entirely different laws of physics and social norms, but I try.

Sometimes when I’m gone, he calls Dave.  If he can, Dave will also chat with N and try to help him solve these mysteries that plague him. (I would list any of them, but frankly I’m a bad mom and don’t listen to the actual dilemmas much any more.  Trust me when I say, they mostly just defy reason.)

So, yesterday, when I heard N chatting away on the phone, I didn’t worry so much.  Dave obviously was in a lull at work and could listen.  And my brain could be less full.

And the over loaded brain would be why it took me longer than a nanosecond to realize that N had called Dave’s cell phone.  Which apparently has service in Taiwan.  Where Dave is for work.  Taiwan.  Does anyone want to hazard a guess at what an international cell phone call costs?  Yeah, I’m not looking at the bill.



  1. Let’s hope that deflation is affecting cell phone rates.

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