Posted by: randommisfires | December 2, 2008

End of Semester Blues

I know the pain is of my own making, but these last 3 weeks of college might kill me.  Because what did I forget about having kids in traditional school?  I forgot that school means projects and tests and my kids have zero time management skills and when you skip from 8th grade to college, there’s even less time to develop time management or paper writing skills and that means mom gets the privilege of being very very involved.  Very.  I won’t even go into the painful truth of this being her first real research paper.  Ever.

Yes, it’s going to get a lot worse this week.  Very painful indeed, as we learn some new skills.  I, of course, am hoping top master the skill of not doing myself in with a pencil while repeating myself 100 times as she texts away on her phone, ignoring my help.  I exaggerate.  A little.

That said, I am crazy enough to agree to 4 classes next semester.  Why?  All because of one little sentence.

“Mom, college is. . . well. . . mom, I have to USE my brain!”

Which is what I thought we were after.  Before I spent 12+ hours a week on campus.  While also juggling the homeschooling of 4 other kids and working full time.

And people wonder why I hear voices in my head.



  1. Hearing voices in your head is fine…until they turn on you and tell you to eat pie all day. Then they are not your friends anymore!

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