Posted by: randommisfires | November 12, 2008

The Kitchen is CLOSED

Every night, it’s the same story.  At 9pm, I start sending kids to bed.  At 10, I start spanking.  At 10:30, I realize they are all back downstairs in the kitchen.

It’s a very bad habit that has developed because of E.  He is seriously underweight, just slightly above the anoerexic stage.  As a result, he is in constant need ofcalories, which meant that on Dr’s orders, we were filling him full before bed each night.  And of course, everyone else has joined in.

Mom:  Are all of you in the kitchen at 10:45 again?

Silence then after a few seconds, renewed whispering, rustling, and chewing

Mom:  It’s not meal time.  You have 5 minutes to put away your mess and get to bed.

Silence as no one moves

Mom:  Seriously, 5 minutes and you’d all better be out of the kitchen or you’re losing 2 months worth of allowance.

E: “Oh CRAP!” And then, a streak of light from the loft, down the stairs, and screeching into the kitchen, careening into the fridge.

How much can he cram into his mouth in 5 minutes?  More than I realized.  Much much more.

(Coincidentally, he is also now taller than R and getting very close to catching me.  But half my weight.)



  1. I have one like that! He eats like a horse but is underweight according to the doc, where does it all go? I wish I had that problem!

  2. Tapeworm?

  3. My parents used to give my sister half-and-half instead of regular whole milk on her cereal for the same reason. That was only a problem for a few years, though.

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