Posted by: randommisfires | November 6, 2008

An Essay on what it means to be a Freedom Fighter

-by N

halloween-132Mom: C’mon guys!  Get your costumes on, we’re late for the carnival

N: no response

Mom:  N, come on.  We need to leave before the gold fish start sucking plastic.

N: nothing

Mom:  N!  We need to go.  Go get your costume on!

N:  Oh, about that mom.  I’m not going as a Ninja this year.

Mom: That’s the only costume you have, so I’m afraid you don’t have much choice.

N: Well, actually, I am already in my costume.  I just need to find better scissors.

Mom:  Better scissors for what?  (And then he turned fully around and it was obvious the boy had been busy.)

N: I just need to cut some holes in my shirt and then cut up my shorts and we can go.

Mom:  Hold up!  Who gave you permission to cut up a shirt?

N: Oh!  It’s old with a hole!

Mom:  Ok, but you’re not cutting the pants.  What are you trying to be anyway, a zombie?

N: Mo-o-o-o-o-m!  I’m NOT a ZOMBIE!

Mom:  OK, what are you?

N:  I’m a Freedom Fighter!

Mom: A freedom fighter?  What’s that?

N: It’s someone who fights for their freedom.

Duh!  Why didn’t I think of that?

Apparently Freedom fighters also like to rip their shirts until their chests show and put on Halloween face paint that makes them resemble a zombie.  I can’t imagine how I didn’t see it from the start.



  1. Brilliance! Perhaps they’re fighting for freedom from their clothing….ahhhhh…child geniuses…..

  2. I wonder what a day inside N’s mind would be like. He comes up with great stuff.

    Your kids make me smile.

  3. Too cute! Not that I’ve seen very many freedom-fighter-zombie-dudes, but if I had, I’m sure he would be the cutest one by far! 🙂

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