Posted by: randommisfires | November 1, 2008

A reason kids don’t need cell phones


Caller ID= restricted

I answer anyway.

Caller: Hi.  DId you lose a green bike?

Me: Yes!

Caller: I haven’t seen it.


Imagine all of the inventive names I’m calling that kid in my head right now.


Caller ID= restricted

me: Really, on Halloween you don’t have anything better to do than prank call a poor kid about his stolen bike? What a crappy life you have.




  1. hey…. this will ruin all my chances of having a cell phone…. shhhhh… don’t let jen read this…

  2. Is your refrigerator running?

    (All my cameras say it is…)

  3. Can we talk about the fridge? Because if your cameras can diagnose and fix it, that would be great. It seems that Dave has decided that as long as it doesn’t go above 50, all is well.

    If you’re going to stalk me, you’d better at least make yourself useful.

  4. Sure. I’ll reprogram the current on that circuit–breaker #4, if I recall correctly–to 160 volts, which should cool things down a bit more. Just don’t plug anything else into that plug! (Not that you *could* with that plug behind the refrigerator where it is…

    But that’s only a temporary solution. Wikipedia says that you should keep food at the following temps, for safety reasons:

    -18 °C (0 °F) (freezer)
    0 °C (32 °F) (meats)
    5 °C (40 °F) (refrigerator)
    10 °C (50 °F) (vegetables)

    Higher than that and you get nasty things that grown on your food. *shudder*

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