Posted by: randommisfires | October 29, 2008


T left his bike at the park two days ago.  He remembered and went back two hours later. Of course, it is gone.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to replace it.  Just like we can’t replace N’s bike that he left somewhere and doesn’t know where. (Note to self:  If we ever buy them new bikes, etch their names and phone numbers into the frame)

We also cannot afford to replace the ipod that R took on the cruise (against my wishes).  It was also stolen.

And being 2 months before Christmas, guess what things are on the Santa list?

I suspect we aren’t the only ones having a small Christmas this year.  For those of you in the same boat, what are your plans for presents that don’t break the bank?



  1. You could always give them Amazon gift certificates, and let them shop for themselves. At least that way you’d know that you wouldn’t go over budget. I probably do 90% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. Of course lots of vendors sell through them, so it’s not just one company getting all the business. If you use Amazon, you probably already know that you can also set up “wish lists.” My nieces and nephews use those, which makes shopping for them really easy, and I know that they’ll like what they get.

  2. We’re in the same boat. We’re buying way less this year. We also started buying presents now so that we don’t have to worry so much later. Sorry to hear about that, what a bummer! 😦

  3. I don’t know what to do about my son – he needs clothes but that is just boring. For the in-laws, I am going to the cannery and canning some sugar. They each get a can or two. Merry Christmas!

  4. Our rule is that Maggie gets something from Daddy and something from Mommy (usually something knit). Last year I got her a couple of Leapster games (about $12 each) and Shelly made her a cute hat. We also got a couple of gadgets for Maggie’s younger cousins and Starbucks gift-cards for the older ones. Total cost was about a hundred bucks for everything.

    About four years back we found a really cute set of nested holiday boxes at Costco that we use for holding the gifts. If you have a gift, you pop it in a box with the “to-from” on a sticky note. After Xmas, we put the boxes in the attic until next year. Brings gift-wrapping time to zero.

    Our other rule is “Christmas is for kids”. If you’re over 18, don’t give us anything or expect us to give you anything. This rule has worked out brilliantly in the family.

    The Leapster has been gathering dust since Maggie discovered Flash games, so I’m thinking of giving her a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card this year. She *loves* books, and kids books aren’t too expensive so $20 will get her a few.

    We got the Maggie’s boy cousins an official Mentos & Diet Coke fountain kit while at Maker Faire for $20. They oughta love that 🙂

  5. Thats crazy…Yea unfortunatly thats how our christmas are and esspicially this year….. And who ever stole his bike……shame on them!

  6. I do miss the days when $20 a kid was all it took. We don’t usually have large Christmases anyway, but I’m going to have to be really creative to get them anything this time around.

    Keep the suggestions coming! I’m reading them all!

  7. I always give very practical gifts, new bedding, clothes, favorite snacks, books and the inevitable but inexpensive electronic items. I really hate the commercialism and I fight it every step of the way. I don’t even decorate with Santas. Christmas isn’t about how much you spend. I love celebrating Christmas, the music, baking and getting together. Good Luck and Merry Christmas

  8. i really am hoping to get a cellular devise… but idk about everyone else…

  9. We’re doing one big family gift. Each child will get one small gift…that’s it this year!

  10. How did he get home from the park if he wasn’t riding the bicycle that he came on?

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