Posted by: randommisfires | October 27, 2008

Three Evils

I have gained some weight.  Not so much weight, but enough that I am finding my clothes to fit tight.  Not pretty.

Would I rather:

1) Eat less

2) Excercise

3) Go shopping


No, no, no and no again.  Apparently I wish to wear ill-fitting clothes and remain at the weight I am.

You know, it really sucks when none of the options are feasible.



  1. I prefer when the weight just magically evaporates, and I have to go shopping for smaller clothes. Oh wait–that has never happened.

  2. I am all to familiar with this. I have plastic tubs filled with THREE different sizes of clothes!

    My weight has fluctuated a lot, the past few years. For a while, I needed to eat a lot of cake just to get through life.

    At least if I ever get back to my smaller size, I won’t have to go shopping.

  3. I fluctuate so much that I have basically stopped caring. My closet looks like it must belong to several different people. I even, on occasion wear boys clothes, they are far more comfortable!

  4. haha… too bad there arent’ any mommy sports… hehe… just think the next headline in the news paper could be melissa takes her champion volleyball to nationals… hehe!

    on the other hand I would choose shopping!

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