Posted by: randommisfires | October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I had a lovely birthday yesterday.  Thanks everyone to the birthday wishes via email, the blog and on Facebook.

I got great presents: An evening out for a Halloween carnival, an additional evening out for dinner, a necklace and a visit from a great friend, a candy bar poster, a coupon for room cleaning (which can be used on MY room 3 times, rock on), lots and lots of skittles, lots and lots of Coke (apparently I live on this?) and itunes gift cards.  But, as always, N steals the show.

N: Mom, what do you want for your birthday?

M: Mmm. . . I dunno.

N: And don’t ask for a clean house again.  You ask for that every year and it’s really hard!

And Thursday night, nearly midnight.

N: Mom!  Mom!

M:  (sleepily) what?

N: Mom, I can’t sleep!

M: Why can’t you sleep?

N: I’m just so excited that tomorrow’s your birthday!

Which makes him WAY more excited than me. With the company and the carnival and everything, I didn’t even have cake and open presents until today.  Clearly the sign of someone super excited for a birthday!



  1. Happy Birthday, Girl! I always ask for a clean house for Mother’s day. The kids would rather do almost anything else I asked than carry that one out.

    Hope you get all the wishes of your heart–and especially a clean house!

  2. Happy, uh, belated birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! I never think to ask for a clean house — I’m glad you gave me the idea! Mmmm…Skittles are my favorite!

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