Posted by: randommisfires | October 21, 2008

Civic Duty

Please excuse me.  I am CHEERFULLY submitting to my obligations to civic duty and reporting at the glorious hour of 7:45 AM in the armpit of Riverside.  Ah, the joy of jury duty.

Can’t they see how opinionated I am just by looking at me and dismiss me?  Can’t they?

Sigh.  I have to be up by 5:45 am tomorrow.  I am not thrilled.  AT ALL.

I hope to be back and posting regularly by Friday.

please don’t choose me.  please don’t choose me. please don’t choose me. . .


  1. Really? With five kids and a full-time job, you can’t claim that this would be and undue hardship?

    Can you ask to just get the notes at the end of the day can call in your verdict?

  2. just tell the judge you are unable to remain impartial. I do believe that’s one of the things they ask you if you are selected. I got out of jury duty once by claiming it would interfere with my college classes. Haven’t been called back since.

  3. You know the old joke… just say that the voices in your head tell you that the guy is guilty.

  4. It’s actually hard to get out of it by claiming you’re impartial, unless you have a really good justification for it. Basically, nearly everyone tries that approach, so they’re really good at asking a bunch of follow-up questions that make you sound like a moron, bigot, or a liar, unless you have a genuine reason for making the claim.

  5. I got pulled for a jury last year … James gave me great advice … I used it and got off the jury … helps to have a brother who is a cop … AND even better … when it went to trial it was one that had really gotten in the ews a lot and i’d read all about it in the paper … I was really glad not to be on that jury.

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