Posted by: randommisfires | October 19, 2008

Halloween- The Madness

For the past few years, Halloween has started earlier and earlier with more and more parties.  Which extends the “holiday” season by an additional month.  Except for the other holidays, you don’t need costumes.

R did her costume herself, for the most part.  Except the dress was sleeveless and I was concerned about her ability to dance in it without incident.  Which led to a marathon sewing session to add some kind of sleeve.

Pink Wedding Barbie

Pink Wedding Barbie

E opted for an easier but more expensive costume, that of “Jasper Cullen” from the ever popular Twilight series

The beautiful Vampire

The handsome vampire

Luckily, now that all of the pieces are compiled, it is easy to get them in and out of them 10 times in the next two weeks.  Now, just have to finish sewing L’s.




  1. I sewed a total of two costumes for my child. Since then, it’s been all store bought.

    I almost had to sew a costume this year – and was in a massive panic – when he wanted to be Godzilla. He changed his mind to Darth Vader (thank all that is good and holy!).

    My point of all this…give your kids a few dollars and set them loose in the costume shop (or Target) and make life easier on yourself. 😉

  2. Should i post more comments about this picture of E here too??? just kidding… 🙂

  3. Great costumes!!

  4. Looks Good! I am dreading the day when I have to sew a costume. I’m all for scrapping something together with stuff we have around the house.

  5. how lovely… i was a gogo dancer

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