Posted by: randommisfires | October 17, 2008

The Solution

I know how to get people buying houses again, driving prices up.  It’s very simple really.  All builders and realtors would have to do is throw in Rosie, the Jetson’s robot.

Honestly.  Someone who follows my kids around picking up the messes they make?  Sold!  Where do I sign? Can I hear an Amen?

Anyway, on to the reviews. . .

The meet and greet with Christopher Paolini was enjoyable.  We were a few minutes late and I was sure there would be no seats, but we got in.  He was entertaining.  A bit dorky, but hey.  The guy writes fanatsy novels.  Of course he’s a little dorky.

R and E went up to have a book signed and said he was very friendly and engaging, asking them what they were studying and what their aspirations are and such.  E has not let the book out of his sight, now that it has a signature by the author.  Yesterday, he was being a nit obnoxious to R, so she picked upthe book and pretended to lick the cover.  E nearly wept. I had to reassure him several times that she had not really licked the book.

The Terra Cotta Warriors were fantastic.  Crowded, but still fantastic.  We were able to stand close enought to several of them to really see all of the detail in the hair and armor and everything.

I had no idea that Emperor Qin had built an entire necropolis for his burial. I’ve heard tons about the warriors themselves, but very little about the rest of the area, which is vast.  His tomb itself still has not been excavated, for a variety of reasons, and they already have 7,000+ warriors, metal birds, artisans, publicans, acrobats, city officials, horses, carriages, and on and on and on.  If he truly resides there in spirit as was believed, he’s living quite the plush afterlife.

The kids seemed to really love the displays too.  Even N listened to all of the audio.  T was most fascinated by the stone armor, which weighed 47 lbs.  Honestly.  How slow would you be in battle hauling around an additional 47 lbs?  Kinda like how slow I’ve become after 5 kids and a similar amount of extra “baby” fat.

After the museum, we dropped T and E off for a story telling workshop and R, L, N and I went to the Pacific Mammal rescue in Laguna Beach.  They have harbor seals, sea liona, and Northern elephant seals.  We spent an hour or more just watching the animals swim and play.  I got bored before the kids did, which is unusual.

The most impressive part of the day was the lack of fighting.  After only 6 hours of sleep the night before, I was pretty sure at least one kid would be in full melt down before we ever hit the museum.  Plus, L got some new and funky contraption installed in her mouth as a part of her orthodontia and R got rubber bands, so they were in pain before we left home.  Recipe for frustration on everyone’s part.

And yet, there was none.  A few little moments of bickering, one set of tears from N, and otherwise they were pretty much in control the entire day.  The day went so well, I momentarily thought I might just be living a charmed life.  I nearly bought a lottery ticket.

And then I cam home tothe disaster and reality set in and I started dreaming of owning Rosie instead.  And that would be my cue to go pick up and try not to scream at the kids for leaving everything they own all over the house.



  1. … well… you are a mom right… hehe!
    but do moms really feel like they don’t have more than ten seconds of relaxation?

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