Posted by: randommisfires | October 16, 2008


N has been pretty full of himslef lately, using terms like, “According to my theory. . .” and “My brain tells me it is logical. . .” And then gives some totally off the wall theory that resembles nothing he has encountered in the real world he observes so closely every day. He is also starting to be more aware of his own actions and interactios, which has caused him some anxiety.

A few nights ago, in the car:
N: Mom, why does my body sing sometimes when I don’t want it to?
M: I’m not sure what you mean, honey.
N: Sometimes I just sing and I really don’t want to.
M: I guess your body just likes to sing.
N: No! (nearly in tears now) I really don’t want to sing! I don’t want to and my body does it anyway and I don’t want to sing!
M: It’s OK, N. It just means that your body wants to express itself. You don’t need to cry. . .

And then last night, as we pulled up exhausted from two days of driving around So Cal.
N: Mom, I’m pretty sure I know why my bones are so breakable.
M: Really? Why is that?
N: Because I’m not doing anything at all to prevent bone loss.

And he’s also apparently 80. And watched toomuch TV. Which is odd since we haven’t had TV since July or something.



  1. That reminds me…I should probably start doing something to prevent bone loss.

  2. hehe… hmmmm sounds like Nate…

  3. Of all your kids, he says the greatest things.

  4. Sometimes my body just eats even when I don’t want it to.

  5. I love it, Alex. I have the same problem big time!!

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