Posted by: randommisfires | October 9, 2008

Iguana Anyona?

Shut up.  It kind of rhymes.  And it’s like 4 am or something crazy.  And I haven’t slept much since Thursday.  You see, I fall asleep just fine.  Then, inevitably, at some point in the perfectly good for getting rested up wee hours of the morning, I dream of L’s face under the water.  And then the wee hours become good for nothing but listening to my silent house.  I’m tired.  Deal with the Iguana Anyona. . . just deal!

Because let’s face it, nothing says Mexico like a big hat and a lizard.



  1. I thought you had to get a picture of yourself with a burro wearing a hat before they’d let you out of Mexico…where’s the burro?

  2. Big Iguana. Even bigger hat.

  3. And then everyone bathed in hand sanitizer right???

  4. No, no. Then, we went and swam in a bacteria infested lake. And I know it was bacteria infested because once the Dr confirmed that L had no water in her lungs and no crushed ribs, he used an outrageously strong antibiotic on her scraped up knees and then dosed her with 1500 mg of Cephalexin per day for 10 days.

    Kinda makes the potential Iguana salmonella look like chump change, eh?

  5. Marn’s boys got pictures with the iguana, but I opted out. What was I thinking?
    Really cute pictures. The sunburns are an nice added touch of Mexico. I think ‘iguana anyona’ has a nice ring to it.
    And that Nate! How can he be soooo photogenic?

  6. What I can’t believe is that I keep seeing the same thing (not in my sleep, just when I think about it during the day), and I wasn’t even there. I just have your description of what happened and am traumatized. I hope the kids are doing okay, and that soon you are able to get past it enough to at least sleep at night.

  7. ewwwww… I could never do that.

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