Posted by: randommisfires | September 25, 2008

More Economic Tirade

Welcome to the blog-o-fun, full of economic crises and dead puppies.  It just doesn’t get any more amusing than me, eh?

I came across another article I want to share:

I feel pretty strongly about the bailout being a horrible idea, but then again it seems that the majority of Americans have issues with it, and look at it going through anyway.

If you want the really depressing stuff, go ahead and check here:

I read a lot of economic, financial and opinion blogs, and The Automatic Earth seems to boil things down pretty nicely.  It does pull a lot of liberal leaning writings, but has been pretty fair over all to the current situation.  It’s a dense read, and today’s post will not make you feel any better.  Hey.  Everyday can’t be funny!

What can you do to get through the current crisis?  Stock up on non-perishable food items that your family eats on a regular basis.  Because food prices will probably keep going up.  Don’t go over board or into debt for it or anything, but get some rice, beans, pasta, pasta sauce, canned fruit and veggies. . . stuff you are already eating anyway.

Buy seeds and start a garden.  Ok, I live in SoCal and can garden year round, but get seeds now for stuff you can grow next year.

Stop buying things you don’t need and save the cash for when you will need it.

Think about what skills and possessions you can barter, should things get that bad (which I don’t think it will.  Expensive, yes.  USSR post cold war?  Probably not).

Don’t worry.  OK, worry a little tiny bit- enough to get some food stored- and then get back to the regularly scheduled programming of enjoying your life.  Because life is too short to spend it all freaking out that our government is corrupt.

OK, taking my own advice now.

Peace out.

P.S. Another revealing blog post- one preson’s opinion about how we got where we are:


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