Posted by: randommisfires | September 22, 2008

Wall Street

I won’t blog much about Wall Street, because my opinions on the matter are mostly political, and I certainly don’t want this blog to become political.  And I’m not interested in debating any of the things that are happening right now.  In my mind, the whole Wall Street/ Presidential Campaign/Taxpayers Get Screwed on the Toxic Debt stuff in such a mess, there is no real fixing it, just prolonging it.

How we got to where we are in the Wall Street mess is summed up decently here:

Washington Post OpEd Piece




  1. Heavy reading for a Monday. Now my my I’m in a catastrophic mind-set. And I don’t have the constitution for living in depression-like circumstances. Just reading the Grapes of Wrath about did me in.

  2. Too bad the culprits will make big profits, instead of being punished, while the average US citizens will take the hit for all this greed-caused disaster.

  3. Yea … interesting article … the same subject is makeing me crazy too … and it makes me crazier there is nothing I can do …

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