Posted by: randommisfires | September 22, 2008


We lost all three puppies.

Another one had a seizure this morning and the third one died this afternoon. N picked a flower for each of them and tenderly laid it beside them. All of the kids said goodbye again, but there was not the same devastation.  We knew these were on the horizon.  Advanced notice can make all of the difference.

The mommy dog is wandering around sniffing and crying, trying to figure out why she has milk and no babies to feed.

L is surprisingly calm, as we knew after the first one went that it was likely they were all premature.  And none of them really had a great sucking reflex, so they just couldn’t take in enough food.  So instead of me comforting L, she ended up hugging me.  And I think it freaked her out just a little to see me crying over the puppies.

Why, when I knew we were going to lose them all, do I feel like I should have done “more” to save them?

It’s not at all rational, and the feeling didn’t linger, but my initial reaction was to feel like I was a failure because I couldn’t save three premie pups.

Compound that with only getting 12-ish hours of sleep in the last 3 nights, and it quickly becomes clear that I need to go to bed now.  Thank goodness sleep is a curative for these minor life bumps.



  1. We had a baby guinea pig once as a result of thinking that both of our adult pigs were female. The piglet only lasted about a month or so, but we were forewarned by the vet that the first litter usually doesn’t make it. Still, it wasn’t an easy thing of course. Sorry to hear all three were lost

  2. I’m a bit stunned. I was thinking about you last night about 2:00 am. I was wondering if you were taking care of anymore puppies! Isn’t that odd? You popped into my mind….you and puppies and I wondered about you and the task of caring for them…man, I am so sorry my friend…so very sorry…sounds like your coping skills are maybe a bit compromised due to lack of sleep and you mentioned that it wasn’t rational, but pain is pain nevertheless….and puppies are puppies….again, so very sorry…

  3. I was wondering, last night, what the mom of the puppies was going through. Sounds like she is having a hard time.

    It shows you all have big hearts to be willing to take these dogs in and care for them and go through emotional pain for them.

    Take care of your big hearts.

  4. So sorry about the puppies. Your kids are learning some tough lessons. I hope they are doing ok. Love to all of you.

  5. Awww…. I read the other one first…. Sad..:(

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