Posted by: randommisfires | September 21, 2008


Since Thursday, it has been a little crazy around here.  Stop shaking your heads.  I can hear y’all saying “Nope, unh uh.  It has not been chaos since Thursday.  That girl embraces chaos like the rest of us embrace Thursday night television. It’s been chaos for at least 15 years.”  Except that I haven’t watched much TV since the 90’s, so I don’t really know if Thursday night is still the good night.  I do know that ER has lost it’s ability to captivate, but that’s about it.

And my lack of TV knowledge has nothing to do with the chaos.

So, on Thursday, I got a call that my friends are doing the So Cal thing this week, and we immediately started making plans to see them where and when ever, including them staying at the house if needed.  Which is not small task as it means 1) cleaning and 2) picking up 3,506,980 legos so that the 1 and 3 year old don’t suffer an untimely death by choking.  Of course, it’s totally worth it because the only time I clean is for company and I do like the fact that we get a clean house out of it.

On Thursday, I got a call from a rescue group we work with that they had a pregnant chihuahua that needed a home until the puppies are old enough for adoption and then mom and pups all get fixed and adopted out.  We’ve done this 1 or 1000 times, so no biggie.  We were told she wasn’t due for 3 more weeks and she certainly wasn’t very big.  That made it perfect timing to go on the cruise next week and be back in time for the puppies to be born.  So,I drove a few miles up the road and picked up the dog.

Friday afternoon, another friend called and asked if she could crash here until Sunday afternoon, and we love her so naturally we said “YES!!!”  And the party was on.

As M was dropping off her stuff for her stay, the chi started having puppies.  And because she’s a rescue dog, we have no idea if they are early or on time or what, but they are TINY.  Each one weighed 4 oz or less at birth.  The first one went as far as to be born outside, and was chilly and not really breathing much when I found it.  Hurriedly, we got her all massaged and warmed up and breathing and tucked her in by mom to get some food.  Which of course, made mom have another one.  So we tucked both little girls in by mom and watched her for a few hours for another pup.  After 4 hours, she was calm and relaxed which told us there was nothing else coming out, so we went ahead and put her in the crate with her babes and cleaned everything up.

And at 11pm, she had another baby.  This one was in bad shape from the start and even though we got it breathing and eating, we weren’t sure it would live through the night.  I checked on mom and pups at regular intervals all night long, and everyone was doing fine.  This morning, there were 3 tiny little pups with fat tummies nursing at mom when we got up.

At 12:30, we flipped all of the babies over and checked their bellies and I realized I was shocked to see that all 3 seemed healthy and happy.  It’s rare, especially with one born outside and ignored and another taking so long to be delivered.

Which is why it was a surprise 4 hours later to find the 3rd little sweetie off to the side of Mom, not breathing and cold. We know it happens and it’s all a part of this ride we’re on, but it was such a surprise.  And it makes me wonder if they really are early and they will all die, one at a time because they just aren’t developed enough yet.  And of course, I can’t really think of a more nightmarish scenario, considering how sensitive the kiddos really are.

L, T, and N are all just exceptionally tender hearted.  It was so difficult to watch them feel so much for such a small animal, one they hadn’t yet held or named.  A puppy that was on the list to be euthanized before mom could deliver, if we hadn’t stepped up to take her in.  And that little life means as much to them as their hearts can feel.  The rest of us, while sad, are also jaded, so the loss of the puppy isn’t so much the problem and listening to the sweet sadness of those three.

N very tenderly said, “Mom, I want to say a few words.” (which CLEARLY shows that we’ve had a funeral or two around this place).

N: I just want to say that even though she was little and we barely got to know her, she was a sweet puppy and I loved her very much.  I hope she loves her new life in puppy heaven.  Because we’ll miss her.

And then, he picked a rose to put with her, and we wrapped her up in pink silk and. . .

. . .After such tenderness, I felt like a heel placing her in a baggie and putting her in the freezer until trash day.  It’s unreasonable to do anything else.  She’s 3 ounces.  TINY.  She’s too small to have animal control collect and dispose of, and I can’t take her to a vet to be disposed of, because it’s Saturday.  But it seems so disrespectful in the face of such soberness.

This is one of those times that I just have to pray the other 2 puppies make it.  I absolutely cannot survive the madness of another “funeral” this week!



  1. And this week is different from all the others how??
    N is such a sweety. I really miss him. I miss all of you. I hope the remaining puppies are hanging in there, for the kids’ sakes, if for no other reason.

  2. I want puppies agian…. 😦

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