Posted by: randommisfires | September 19, 2008


Another day from Hell in the college cafeteria.

Lots and lots of loud discussion over messy personal relationships.  FAR more information than I wanted, and again with an obvious attempt to clear me out so that the obnoxious students can plug in and play WoW or some other game on their laptops before classes.

Some of these kids have been here since I got here at 8 with no visible trend towards attending an actual class.

However, R is settling in:

R: I actually talked to someone in one of my classes today.

M: Really?  That’s cool.

R: The guy in front of me asked if he could borrow a pencil, and I said, “sure”.

So, that’s progress.

But after hearing the trash that is coming out of the college mouths, I’m kind of hoping that’s the only interaction she will have.



  1. Who doesn’t bring a freaking pencil to College? That is pitiful. It’s college. Do they just think, today I am not going to bring a pencil? That is stupid. My teacher took the pencils that she gave to students that “Forgot” pencils up her nose. Then Put them back for people to use them… Think about that next time you think… Hmm I don’t think that I am going to bring a pencil… Haha! Funny pictures are in my head…

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