Posted by: randommisfires | September 18, 2008


A few questions:

If you’re friends with someone on Facebook and then one day, you suddenly realize that you are no longer friends with that person on Facebook, does that mean you are dead to them?  Is it the modern day equivelant to the ripping of the garments to signify the death of a loved one? Even when they are still alive. . .

If you have no idea what you did to cause your significant death on Facebook, is it bad form to email the remover and request documentation as to why you became the removee?

If your space bar on your new laptop doesn’talwaysinsertthe space when you push it, does thatmakeyourlaptop defective?  Can a laptop be returnedfor a defectivespacebar?

If you spend half of your life trying to develop a relationship with a somewhat crazy relative posing as a normal relative and after all efforts to extend an olive branch (while still protecting others near and dear to you) that relative- who might be masquerading as a normal person and telling everyone else that you are insane- calls you a crackhead in a rather unexpectedly violent email, should you go ahead and rip the proverbial garments and remove them as a Facebook friend?

It’s a whole new level of conundrum. But I’m serious about the spacebar.



  1. Okay– this is kind of fun playing Ann Landers. First, email your “friend” and thank them for removing you as a friend from Facebook, thereby making it unnecessary for you to take the time to do that yourself. Second, if you can’t return a laptop for a defective spacebar, think of some other reason to return it. And finally, keep your crazy relative as a Facebook friend, but offer to give them crack if they’ll just leave you alone.

  2. Maybe you just have some junk stuck under your space bar…try that can of compressed air. Or bang it against the desk a few times…either way.

  3. These images are making me giggle.

  4. It is an especially warm fuzzy feeling when your kids delete you without telling you, so you don’t know what they are doing in college! Ah the joys of motherhood!

  5. Yeah Dido!

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