Posted by: randommisfires | September 12, 2008

An Open letter to the person who returned my purse

First off, may I just say thank you?  Thank you for being decent enough to turn my purse into customer service when you found it- I presume sitting in a cart- in the parking lot of Albertsons.

I really appreciate how you left both of my credit cards inside my purse, because frankly they are already over limit and I just can’t afford any more fees.  In fact, the reason my groceries made it into the car and my purse did not is because my non-perishable groceries are appreciating in price which makes them worth guarding.  The contents of my purse, however, declines in value daily.  And don’t even get me started on my 401K, E-trade account or other invesments.  Those are all pretty much just ugly. But, that is neither here nor there.

I just want to take a moment and thank you for not removing any of the 90 receipts, scraps of paper with unidentified numbers scrawled on them or the empty pack of gum.  Those are my comfort items and I couldn’t  function without them on any level.  I carry those things with me at all times.  And still, somehow never have the right receipt for and refunds or exchanges I might have. But one of those papers is indeed the numbers for a contract at work and without it, I can’t bill the company.  So, you did me a huge favor to leave it exactly as messy as you found it.

I also appreciate you leaving me my passport.  Ever since I lost my driver’s license in a separate incident last month, my passport has become my only form of ID.  Yes, it’s embarrassing to dig it out each and every time I buy anything, even if it’s with a debit card and PIN and R’s campus bookstore.  But, it’s better than not being able to charge things at all.  And, if it had gone missing, I would be unable to travel with the family to Mexico in 2 weeks time.  So thank you.  I can just imagine the wailing from all 5 kids when I had to tell them I was not to be trusted to put valuable documents in a safe location and our one vacation in 3 years is no more.

Thank you for alerting management and thank you for understanding that by 4pm, I just don’t have any functioning brain cells. It’s especially bad on days like today, when I am forced from my bed before 7 am in order to attend to stupid meaningless things like eye appointments and credit collectors calling (and honestly, should the library be allowed to employ a credit collection agency anyway?).

As to the $2 in cash that you removed before turning the purse in, consider it a reward. You really do deserve the candy bar it will buy you.  I can pay the library next week.


Frizzled and Fried



  1. Glad you got it back. I found a bank card on the floor of the movie theater two weeks ago, and handed it over to mngmt right away. The thought of using it flashed through my head briefly but let’s be realistic – these days that’s just not an easy to get away with option. There was also a very good chance it had already been canceled.

  2. I find it almost astonishing that someone did an honest, kind thing. I am jaded and bitter and have all but lost faith in humanity.

    Your purse hero (minus the two bucks) gives us all a glimmer of hope.

  3. that’s stupid who would not take anything except 2 bucks… maybe a stupid teen that didn’t know what anything was and couldn’t use a credit card.

  4. but hey that is cool

  5. You crack me up. But I’m glad you got your purse back…replacing credit cards is a hassle.

  6. I’m very glad Adara added the “but hey that is cool” comment or that may have led to something ugly…

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