Posted by: randommisfires | September 8, 2008

A Lesson in Protective Eyewear

Check out the size of his right pupil.  Scary big.

Check out the size of his left pupil. Scary big.

On Thursday, while I was in the cafeteria fighting off various stealth linux attacks, E was home mowing the neighbor’s lawn. While trimming, the string on the weed eater kicked a rock up directly into his eye. One look when I got home, and I could see the rip in the eye membrane.

Luckily, the ophthalmologist feels like it is a very long but shallow scratch. He put him on eye drop antibiotics which seem to sting something fierce, and will see him back to confirm healing.

But we got lucky this time. I guess he’ll have to start mowing in the mornings after the kids go to school so that no one can see him with his dorky eyewear.



  1. ewwwww. Eye pictures must come with warnings.

    Question: Are you still having stalker issues? I was going to post your blog link on my blog but want to make sure it’s ok with you.

  2. my friend once got his cornea scratched bad by a girl flicking her ponytail in his face. yea. *hair*. he’s lucky that’s all a rock did!

  3. Man, eyes can look angrier than any other part of the body….so sorry about that injury, that’s terrible. My brother recently experienced something horrible as well. I’m not sure how it started but it went from a scratch, to a staph infection covered by an amoebic infection which formed a protective covering over the staph infection because it was it’s FOOD SOURCE!!! How gross was that? He was even on an eye drop that was a very diluted pool cleaner. He eventually had to undergo a corneal transplant and it’s all cool now, but dang! Of course, he was 50 and diabetic and otherwise compromised….so….it’s not like that’s even close to normal.

  4. Yeah, well Brandyn has had some goopy gel-like thing growing on his eyeball for the past year. If we we just dating (and, you know, not married), I’d totally break up with him over it…it’s that gross.

    Luckily (for all who know him), he is now seeing the value of making an eye doctor appointment.

  5. Eww… poor kid.

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