Posted by: randommisfires | September 6, 2008


In my family, there are many weird traits that have been passed down a generation or two. There are a couple that we rail against more than others, curly hair and food allergies. From grandma to mom to daughter, R inherited the food allergies, but L inherited curly hair. Until tonight, we thought they had broken the double curse and I was the end of the line with my bizarre list of things I can not eat. And a few things I can’t even think about eating without swelling up and being rushed to the hospital.

But, as it turns out, L is the lucky winner. She has the curly hair like me and  she is also allergic to shellfish. Crab in a california roll. And the worst part of not being able to breathe for yourself?  She didn’t even enjoy the california roll! Luckily, L hates shell fish, so she’s not giving up anything divine.

Like peaches, for example.



  1. If something doesn’t look good I won’t eat it…

    I won’t eat Salmon because it looks bad to me. No matter how good everyone says it is…

  2. Of course we don’t think the flaws in our genes will pass to our children. For some reason, we think nature will pick and choose the best of us to pass along…nope, nature is not that kind.

  3. Well if L someday serves a mission in a far away land, and someone serves something disgusting like pig brains, for example, she can just say “Thanks, but I’m pretty sure I’m allergic.”

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