Posted by: randommisfires | September 2, 2008

Ultimate Weight Loss

Grandma is here visiting this week, and at dinner one night, she and Dave were discussing their weight loss efforts.

L was listening in fairly intently.

Grom: I was surprised by how quickly I lost inches once I started lifting weights on a regular basis.

Dave: I know, it makes a real difference to the over all weight loss and body composition.

L: Wait.  When you say “Lost inches”, did you mean around your waist?  Or from your height? Because Grom seems shorter than she was last year.



  1. Last time I saw her was at Grandma Reno’s 60th Birthday… Haha! She was so funny. In Her present to my Grandma she gave her prunes. It was really funny…

  2. Oh! and Ouch!

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