Posted by: randommisfires | August 25, 2008

Hukd On Fonikz

N is a challenging child on the education front.  He doesn’t write well and he doesn’t spell well, but at 7 he reads on a early 6th grade level.  Which begs the question, how can a child read that well and not spell the words like he reads them?  Because I learned to spell by copying the spelling in the books I was reading, I cannot comprehend how a child can read and not spell.  But, of course, I know it happens all of the time, as R’s friends evidence every time they send an IM or text message.  Thank goodness for N that spelling will be completely optional by the time he gets a phone.  Because I despair of ever teaching him.  Evidence:

N: Mom, when R and her friends text each other, why do they use the number 1?  Why don’t they just spell the word out?  W-U-  uhm. . .

Me:  Hold up!  Nate, that isn’t how you spell the number 1.  It doesn’t sound at all like it’s spelled.  Think back to last year when we worked with numbers.  The number one starts with the letter O, remember?

N sits quietly, a look of intense concentration on his face.

Me: Do you remember what comes after O?

N: (brightens up) Oh Mom!  Did you forget how to spell it too ?!?!?!?



  1. You realize part of the problem is you are trying to teach him how to spell in English. Very few words are spelled how they sound or follow the rules. Try a different language.

    He’d probably get a kick out of Gallaghers spelling skit too.

    There’s a better one, but this is the first one I found.

  2. He’s so freaking funny

  3. Your Family is funny! and I can imagine your reaction…
    “No Silly”
    I am surprised I can remember the way your voice sounds from more than a year ago.

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