Posted by: randommisfires | August 19, 2008


Try sending a 13-year old to college.  Just try.

In Southern California, it has been nothing short of a nightmare.

Why?  Because most colleges don’t want her until she turns 15.  Why 15?  I have no idea.  It feels arbitrary.  I know 15 year old who could not hack college.  I also happen to know a 13 year old who needs it.  Otherwise, I will have to put up with a very grumpy child for another year, until she gets older.

And the hardest part is that we thought we were going to be able to enroll her because the community college 35 miles from us has an open door policy and will allow anyone of any age to attend.  The caveat, and the thing we are up against is that you must have professor signatures in order to register.  Which she can’t get until the first day of class.  Which is a shame, since by the first day of class, all of the classes are full.  In fact, one of the classes she wants has a waiting list of 17 students.

So, if all of the classes are full by the first day of class and she can’t register for school until the first day of class, how is one supposed to enroll?  So much for the open door.  It seems it was all an illusion.



  1. You should be able to get in touch with a professor before classes start. In my experience, they all generally have mailboxes and voicemail….so you would think you could get in touch with one of them that way to at least get the ball rolling. But you’ve probably already tried that approach. If you didn’t get anywhere doing that, that’s just uncool.

  2. Are there no counselors available to help with this unusual situation? Are there no student advocates or things on campus? Yeesh…what’s a child genius to do? Keep posting and let us know what happens…..

  3. Wow. When I tell my friends that my 13 year old cousin is in college, they are like uh huh Adara. Oh Ya I bet. I’m like she really is…

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