Posted by: randommisfires | August 18, 2008

A compliment

My oldest child is 13.  So far, she’s been a pretty great 13-year old.  And can I be the first to say that was not what I was expecting?

At any rate, she paid me a compliment today.

R: Mom, Z asked me if we ski or snowboard or anything and I told him that you really can’t do cold weather because of your arthritis.  But, I told him you’re a really cool mom and I bet that if you didn’t have arthritis, you would totally be better than me at snowboarding.

Which gives her a free pass the next time she has an “I’m exhausted and overwhelmed” age-appropriate melt down.

Because what she doesn’t know is that even without the arthritis, it’s pretty likely that I’m too lazy to snowboard.



  1. Come on, R is more than just pretty great! I love that she thinks that you would totally be shredding up the mountain, if only. . .

    R–In my book, you are superdy-duper great! 🙂

  2. Hey your like the coolest aunt I have ever had! and Aunt Lene! But your like Super Mom in my eyes…

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