Posted by: randommisfires | August 7, 2008

Surfing Photos

This is R standing up

This is E standing up

This is L standing up

This is a series of shots of T surfing all of the way in.

This is N on a boogie board.

What, you can’t see them? I think I know why.

Someone has lost the charger for my camera battery so I can’t download any photos. Do I scream or sigh? I can’t decide.

And, for everyone who says my blog makes them tired, I want to reassure you that I did manage to wear myself out. I am hoping for a nap today. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. . .



  1. how do you cross out sentences?

  2. @adara – there should be a Strikethrough button on your panel of formatting options above where you write your post. You may have to find and click the button that pops up the label “Kitchen Sink” to see extra options.

    Lissa you got me. I was sitting there just waiting for the photos to load thinking my internets was being lame until I finally read down further and realized nothing was coming. Hahahah.

    Reminds me of those tests you took in school where the last instruction was “write your name, date, class and then place your pencil down”.

  3. gaiiden: I did the same thing! And I even knew about the charger problem! /foreheadslap

  4. gaiiden- thank you.
    That is pretty funny. I was all did she forget to put the pictures?

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