Posted by: randommisfires | August 6, 2008

More beach days!

The kids are headed out for another surfing lesson today, and I swear I am taking pictures. As much as I hate lugging my camera around, I’m gonna do it anyway. For you, my loyal fans, their grandma. We will have a little down time this afternoon and I fully plan on taking pillows and blankets for the kids so that they can lay around reading in a grassy park. Except for N, who will probably find another mud puddle.

I should go get the kids out of bed. We’re supposed to leave here in an hour. There’s no way we’re going to make it. . .

In less cheery news, it looks as if we will be headed to Utah for a funeral in the next few days. Dave’s 94 year old grandma is declining rapidly. And she is ready to be done with the bed sores and the diabetes and the demetia. So, in addition to the beach, I am madly doing laundry in hopes of having something to pack for our impromptu trip. If ever I needed a fairy godmother, this week might just be the one. Then again, I think I wish for that every week.



  1. A couple of days you think? I bet she holds out for at least another week. She’s stubborn that way.

    If you guys go it’s going to look really really bad if I don’t. We are as yet undecided if and who would make the trip.

  2. Funny, that’s exactly what I told Dave. 7-10 days from when they stop eating, usually and I’m betting closer to the 10. Of course, Dave’s dad is convinced it’s tomorrow. . .

    I say if I’m going, let’s have an impromptu “family reunion” as well. You’re on the hook. šŸ™‚

  3. Wow you really are busy. I’m glad you emailed so I can keep reading your blog – which by the way makes me tired after reading it LOL.


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