Posted by: randommisfires | August 5, 2008

How little things lead to big consequences

Mom: N, why are you totally soaked, fully clothed, and wrapped in a towel?

N: Mom, I was playing with G and I stepped in mud.

Mom:  So you soaked yourself to get clean?

N:  No, mom!  I went out back and washed my foot in the hose.

Mom:  And you soaked yourself with the hose?

N: No!  Mom, I just got grass all over my feet.

Mom:  OK, where did the soaked and dripping in your clothes part come in?

N: Well, I had grass on my feet, so I came in and washed them in the tub. (Which solves the trail of grass mystery)

Mom:  And what, you fell in?

N: (sheepishly) Yeah, well sorta. . .



  1. ha ha… I remember when i fell in with comet in the tub. rash+itch=pain. just like lemon+eye=pain…..

  2. Silly kid.

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