Posted by: randommisfires | August 5, 2008

Deadly Steam

Yes, it hurts.

Steam burn

Steam burn



  1. Hey! I just want to know if the stalker did it. And by the way, you need to fill me in.

  2. OUCH!!! I recently burnt the better part of my right hand with boiling water and grease.. I can sympathize very much! but still.. ouch!

  3. Ouch!!

  4. EEK! Boiling water and grease? Worse than mine, I’m sure.

    Lene- I will tell the whole story, I just need a minute to really compose it, and I am woefully short of those right this second.

  5. ouch. that must hurt. i burn myself all the time with the straightener. but its never that bad..

  6. Those are yucky, and on me, the healing looks worse than the injury…the wounds get all lizardy and scary looking…so sorry kiddo…

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