Posted by: randommisfires | August 3, 2008

Settling Down

Other than the latest call to Animal control- and yes, there is a story behind all of this- it seems that the stalking incident is mostly over. I still have to finish my paperwork up and go file the restraining order and then appear before a judge. Which makes me a little insane if I contemplate the time involved there.

Because I have other plans this week. Big plans. That include the beach twice, the pool (well, all of the kids will be at the pool. I will be home pretending to work), the airport 2 or even 3 times for drop offs and pick ups, more time with my friend from Salt Lake, and a random dentist appt for N. Does it sound like I have time to sit around the county courthouse? And pay for the privilege? SIGH. Katz may find it funny, but it is totally true that I just don’t have time for a stalker!

On an unrelated note, I think i did something wrong with my carrots this year.

stunted carrot
stunted carrot


  1. It looks like a rodent has been chewing on the end.

  2. IRL it isn’t gnawed just short. I’m thinking not enough deep watering.

  3. Your carrot frightens me. You could hang it in your front window to ward off evil spirits (and stalkers).

  4. If you click on it, you’ll get the biggest picture of a carrot that you’ve ever seen.

  5. I like the empowered, mystical carrot comment from Jen…hang it high and mighty….beware stalkers and other demented types with too much time on your disembodied hands….look at the carrot…LOOK AT IT!!!! go home and bother this house no more…..NO MORE……bwahahahahahhaha

    POWER CARROTS……your next fortune!!!!!

  6. sounds like jenne all the time… almost… you can have some of our carrots… they were a big hit to the pinata… did I spell that wrong??

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