Posted by: randommisfires | August 2, 2008

Attn: WordPress Experts

On Blogger, I only write posts.  Here, I have the option of new pages.  Is that just a way to separate  categories?  So, I could have my recipe page, my consumerism page, and my normal page?

And yes, I’m toot lazy to look it up.  It’s been a long week.

In fact, animal control is on the way to our house right now to confirm that we have 2 dogs and not a breeding operation with dogs in crates stacked on top of each other all through the house and garage.

Oy Vey!



  1. Pages are meant as a means of posting information that you’d want people to see all the time. You can think of them as posts but they’ll always be visible to readers on your sidebar. So yea, you can create a page that lists all your recipies.

    Categories help people find your regular posts after they’ve been shuffled down by more recent content. So if you look over at my blog ( you’ll see 5 main categories that end up listing anything I’ve posted in the past related to those topics. It’s like a quick search method, or lets people filter straight to what they find interesting in your content.

  2. Wow i feel bad.

  3. seriously

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