Posted by: randommisfires | August 1, 2008

Scout Camp

Last week

Mom: E, are you entirely ready for scout camp?

E: I have everything packed that I will need.

Mom: Go get your bag and the list and let’s look at them together.

Mom starts looking through the bag. . .

Mom:  E, you only have 2 pair of underwear for 5 days.

E: That’s all the underwear I own

Arguing ensues about how many pair of underwear the kid actually owns/has lost/are stuffed under his bed.  After much debating, a frustrated mom goes to Wal Mart, because she loves the store SOO much, and buys another packet of underwear.

Mom:  If I add these to your pack, are you going to wear them?

E:  I dunno

Mom:  Because you obviously don’t think you need them.  So if I pack them and you don’t wear them, I may as well have left them home.

E:  Well I can’t wear the same pair of underwear for three days each.

He put the extra underwear in the bag.

Last Night, we unpacked his bag from the excellent adventure.  And yes, you guessed it, only 2 pair of the undies were worn.  They all smelled of smoke and fish and sweat and had to be washed.

Thank goodness I have taught all of the kids how to use the washer.



  1. umm… eww! and definitly yes about the goofball thing 🙂

  2. Speaking as a Scoutmaster, I can tell you it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to get Scouts to even take a shower at camp. I had to tell 4 different Scouts that swimming in the lake does NOT replace showering–and in fact, one should shower immediately after swimming in the lake to prevent…rashes or other hideous reactions.

  3. gross…seriously. (moment of contemplation) truly truly icky.

  4. I went to girls camp for 4 days and packed like 10 pairs of underwear… wow. but hey they are boys aren’t they…:) can’t live with em’ can’t live without em’

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